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Troubleshooting in Tablet Tooling Seminar - Nottingham, UK - June 23rd & 24th 2016

This troubleshooting seminar, like our others was held at our UK manufacturing facility and was designed to identify and address common problems encountered during modern tablet production. We discussed how elements of punch and die design, tooling specification and aftercare impact upon problems that can arise in production and how improved maintenance procedures can assist your business to decrease tablet press down time.


Our first night included an introductory welcome dinner where everyone got to know each other in a casual setting. The first full day, after everyone was fully introduced, included various sessions addressing common problems encountered in tablet production followed by a night arranged to go site see Nottingham city centre. The second day included workshops, Q&A's and a factory tour.


If you're interested in attending our next Troubleshooting in Tablet Tooling Seminar on 10th and 11th of November - please click here.